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Hi I’m Anabelle a mature, exciting escort for Hampshire & Surrey

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” It really is always best to try and book ahead of time to avoid being disappointed. ”

Welcome to my Hampshire & Surrey Mature Escort Website.

I am not your average sex worker. Put simply I am a sexual goddess who totally owns her sexuality and offers to share it with you so that you can experience your sex god.

I am so bored of all the bullshit out there that offers to satisfy and please you but just takes your money for another shallow, unfulfilling experience. I challenge the industry norms for exploiting not only the women who work in it, but also the men who use it. I don’t do that. I pride myself on delivering incredible sexual experiences that leave you feeling magnificent. When you leave my presence, you will be buzzing with energy and vitality for hours or even days, reconnected to a lost part of yourself that has been buried for too long. You reconnect with magnificent you, to your own awesome sex god!

You will see that I have named all of my services after different gods, I have done so because this is what I am about. I am here to make you feel like a god, nothing less.

High Class Mature Escort


Mature Escort Hampshire & Surrey

I call my Mature Escort Girlfriend Experience Kama, after Kama, the Hindu god of love. His sexy consort Rati is the goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure. I will be your Rati, because the best way to feel like a god is to have sex with a goddess! It really is that simple.

Tantric Massage for Men & Women

Relax and enjoy the liberation of a sensual, intensely erotic Tantric massage. Adonis, Apollo, Aphrodite: three delicious naturist Tantric massages designed to re-waken your inner god or goddess. Tantric Massage in Hampshire

Tantric Massage Hampshire & Surrey


Sensual Tie & Tease


Tie & Tease Hampshire & Surrey

My Tie and Tease Tantric massage is named Ra after the Egyptian god of the sun, swallowed every night by the goddess Nut to be reborn each morning. Blindfolded, I invite you to go on a sexy journey in the dark. Awaken all your senses with the erotic delights of my sensual Tie and Tease Tantric Massage.  Tie & Tease Massage Hampshire

Tantric NURU Massage

An incredibly intimate body to body massage experience. I have named this massage Musubi after the Japanese god of love. Enjoy the intimacy of body to body contact in this Tantric massage that relaxes and enlivens you in equal measure. Tantric NURU Massage experience in Hampshire & Surrey.

Tantric NURU Massage Hampshire & Surrey

Couples Tantric Massage Hampshire

Couples Tantra Surrey

Shiva-Shakti (the Hindu gods of Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy) is a deeply sensual experience for couples seeking more. Learn with me how to pleasure each other and connect more deeply to nourish and grow your sexual intimacy. Tantric Massage for Couples in Hampshire & Surrey.

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