ADONIS: Tantric Lingam Massage Hampshire

Genuine Tantric Massage in Surrey

Erotic Tantric Massage Surrey

An Indulgent, Sensual Tantric Massage to energise your body

ADONIS is a genuine Tantric Lingam Massage.

Not just an Erotic Massage but many doors to Sexual Healing, Empowerment and Enlightenment.

Unrushed, and free of all expectations, simply relax and experience the blissful sensation of sexual energy moving throughout your body; lie back and allow me to grow your climax into full-bodied orgasmic bliss.

Lingam, the Sanskrit word for penis, translates literally as “shaft of light”. This massage is for the man who yearns for his lingam to be touched, honoured and loved. Our society, with its obsessive measuring of success against specific outcomes, has robbed men of their truly divine sexuality. The constant bombardment of men and boys with words and images selling a very narrow version of sexuality means that few know, feel or understand the sacredness of their lingam. Instead, when his lingam does not perform as expected by others or to his own exacting standards, I observe men literally going to war with this beautiful and very sacred part of their bodies. This is where I step in to offer your lingam healing love. In my lingam massage, I reconnect you to your full, glorious, sexual self by revering and celebrating all of you, EXACTLY as you are. And as expected, I have found that love is the greatest healer.

I am honoured to offer lingam massage from my own home where I can create a sensual and reverent atmosphere. From the moment you arrive you will feel the difference. I massage your full body before spending an extended period of time massaging your lingam moving the sexual energy around your relaxed body. I choose un-fragranced coconut oil for my massages; it stays smooth and un-sticky throughout the massage allowing for luscious hand and body to body contact. I use my entire body and energy to arouse you, to honour you and to worship you. There is no rush to orgasm, when that does occur it is wonderful, however, the main aim of the massage is to awaken within you a deeper level of sexual energy. There is absolutely no pressure to perform; the whole idea of the massage is for me to follow your body’s energy. Men who have received this kind of massage talk of being led into a trance-like state and feeling connected with their true sexual nature, sometimes for the first time ever.

ADONIS Tantric Lingam Massage.

We were all born happy sexual beings, life deals us blows and almost all men have stored pain and trauma in their lingam and anus which I release through very sensitive and intuitive massage. No two massages are the same as no two people are the same. But every massage is a profound and life-changing experience.

Anal or prostate massage is always available but never imposed or assumed. It is a deeply, deeply healing massage which can activate a whole new level of sexual energy in your body. Doctors routinely recommend prostate massage for physical healing and I recommend it for spiritual and emotional healing. Men store negative emotions and pain in their anal tissue, so there is deep healing from a knowing and sensitive finger massaging you here. Happily, because the anus is an important (and much neglected) pleasure zone in the body it is also highly erotic and can lead to much deeper orgasms. Spiritually, surrendering to anal penetration is an opportunity for a man to be taken by a woman. As she steps into her Yang (masculine) energy he steps into his Ying (feminine) energy. In both Tantra and Taoism, we learn that life is about seeking a balance between Ying and Yang energy within us.

ADONIS – Sensual and blissful
Tantric Lingam Massage
60 minutes £160  or 90 minutes £210


“Wow! I have had quite a few tantric massages and that was the very best I have ever had.”

“Tantra does indeed help…you have some very special skills.”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful session. I was in such ecstasy when you were massaging my anus.”

“Wow…That was intense! I feel it all over my body. I can’t really describe it. I am not sure what you did, but, wow….. I feel amazing.”

A Deep Spiritual Tantric Massage Hampshire

The Ultimate Tantric Massage Experience

For Tantric Massage Hampshire and Tantra Massage Surrey please text or email me.  Let me help you discover what a genuine Tantric Massage is and the powerful healing potential it offers. I am happy to work with Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples who visit me from all parts of Hampshire and Surrey. I am based in a lovely and discrete corner of rural Hampshire I am less than 40 minutes drive from  Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Winchester. 

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