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Couples Escort Hampshire & Surrey

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Couples Escort Hampshire and Surrey

For couples who would like to expand their repertoire and explore the boundaries of their sexuality a little.

A Kind & Considerate Female Escort for Hampshire Couples

I am frequently asked to work with couples, the specifics vary, but the theme is always the same: they are looking to expand their repertoire and explore their sexuality a bit.

Sometimes they reach out to me as a vitamin pill (they have a healthy sex life and want to keep it so).

Sometimes they are looking for a painkiller (they are hurting and want someone to help heal them). I am more than happy to help.

Every time I receive an enquiry from a couple I feel incredibly honoured to have them reach out to me.

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Many of us have had the experience of being in a new, exciting sexual relationship only for it to become routine and dull and then slowly and painfully peter out. Very often we then move onto another relationship, experience the joy of newness and then the same sadness as routine and boredom replace the zing of the new. And so on and so on and so on…..

Thoughtful, conscious couples, with their ability to self-reflect, choose to work at their sexual relationships to keep them fresh, so they find ways to be honest with each other and they talk! One of the very exciting developments in modern sexuality is the increasing freedom couples have to voice their fantasies and deep desires to each other. In part it is thanks to the internet: you can voice it, look for it and then find it together and I am all for that!

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Couple’s Tantric Massage Surrey

Awareness of Tantra is steadily growing and couples are intrigued to find out what it can add to their relationships so they contact me to ask for a couple’s massage. It gives me great pleasure and huge job satisfaction to join them as they develop a more conscious level of sex and intimacy in their relationship. I feel deeply honoured as I witness them losing themselves to the experience of sensation, feeling energy moving around their individual bodies and even between their bodies.

Each massage, especially with a couple, is unique; if every person is unique then it is doubly so with couples, so no two massage experiences are the same. What is consistent is my level of knowledge and confidence which I share with the couple during their time with me. I don’t just give a massage, I teach you how (and where) to touch each other, how to give quality feedback to each other, how to use breath to expand pleasure and more really beautiful tantric practices.

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Sometimes a couple will find me because they have a loving relationship but they want to experience a wider variety of sexual flavours, they have got stuck in a rut or have specific fears they want to overcome. So they approach me with a list of questions, for example:

Please teach me

How to give a blowjob, How to please his cock with my hands

How can I give her a vaginal orgasm? Help me find her G spot, Help me find her Cervix

Help me find her Clitoris, How can I help her ejaculate 

Where is his P spot? How do I pleasure him here?

We only have sex in a few positions, can you help broaden our repertoire?

We are quite awkward and shy sexually, can you help grow our confidence?

            (Anything not on the list? Ask anyway!!)

Some people find these answers readily on the internet (there are some very good YouTube channels explaining all of the above) or in books (see my recommended book list below) and others really want to invest in being shown in person. There is something very safe about exploring your sexuality together with an expert. It is not for everyone! But for the people it IS for, then that is a service I am delighted to offer.

Other couples want to experience a tantric threesome and I am a safe pair of hands for them to explore this with. There are safe boundaries when you work with a professional; I hold the space to enable both people to feel safe as they explore new aspects of their individual sexuality and their combined sexual dynamic. I am very mindful of the importance of group sex being pleasurable for all concerned. I wouldn’t want to share my man with another woman only to watch him lose himself in her and forget about me, so I don’t allow that to happen when I work with a couple. I am well aware that I am the third party; you have paid me the honour of inviting me to join you two, I am there to enhance YOUR sexual connection and make you both feel amazing.

Because it is so important for me to ensure that both parties have a beautiful experience, I do ask to have contact with both of you ahead of any booking, I have been in the uncomfortable position of being used by one person at the expense of their partner, and as I get more experienced I am very careful to make sure I am not used in this way.


Anabelle – The painkiller

Having said that, I believe it is very rare for either a man or a woman to seek to hurt or upset their partner, I think the pain and hurt we undoubtedly do to each other is much more by accident than it is by design. In a world that is a bit confused about how to handle adult sexuality (and that’s putting it mildly!), it can be very challenging to navigate our sexual journeys in an open, honest, kind and sensitive way. I believe that people are largely just desperate for more intimate connection and sexy play and most pain or upset in our sexual relationships (within ourselves and with each other) comes about because of negative social conditioning, repression of desire (thanks to said conditioning), sexual ignorance and lack of honest talk. It seems to me that we are getting better and better at talking about some really tricky topics with our partners, but when it comes to sex, tragically we stay mum.

Sometimes couples who are stuck in their sex lives stumble across me, often because one of them starts to look outside of the couple for help. I would implore their partner to suspend judgement and instead be grateful to have someone kind, loving and curious in their lives (I mean your partner, not me! though I do match that description!!) I would invite you to allow the discovery of me to be the beginning of a whole new adventure together.

Many of my clients come to me after they have tried more “acceptable” or traditional routes to solve their problems and the reason why they are still looking is because the people they turn to (doctors, therapists, counsellors) don’t specialise in sex and can’t help. I do know about sex and I can help! I really know my stuff, I know it because like all good specialists, I do this day in day out. It is one of the many tragedies of our patriarchal society that women like me, who are highly skilled in our craft, still find ourselves working in the shadows. In ancient times we were highly regarded “Temple Goddesses”  who “took war out of men”. That is what I do, day in – day out and when I work with a couple in pain I equip them with the skills to “take war” out of each other. I am a sexual healer. And I can teach you how to heal together.

Some areas in which I have been really beneficial to couples:

  Erectile dysfunction

Low sexual desire (for either party) 

Porn addiction (which often leads to one or both of the above)

Fear of sex, linked to trauma.

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” I have trained with the very best and can help change your life forever…experience more epic sex and legendary love than ever before. Tantric Sex Coaching for couples is a speciality.

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My recommended reads for couples:

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – Sheri Winston

Lingam Massage – Michaela Riedl

Yoni Massage, Awakening Female Sexual Energy  – Michaela Riedl

Tantric Orgasm for Women – Diana Richardson

Tantric Sex for Men, Making love a Meditation – Diana Richardson

Bondassage – Jaeleen Bennis – Eve Minax 

Come As You Are – Emily Nagoski

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