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Apollo Taoist Lingam Massage – The Taoist Way to Sexual Healing, Empowerment & Enlightenment

This Taoist lingam massage is for the man who wants to experience deeper, longer lasting orgasms. An experience with more depth to it than just sexual pleasure.


A Blissful Journey Men

Apollo, the Greek god of light and enlightenment, poetry and dance. This lingam massage is for the man who wants to experience deeper, longer lasting orgasms which fill his body with the light and abundant love of the universe, orgasms in which he dances with the Divine, through which he experiences connection with Source energy. Apollo is for the man who chooses to use his sexual energy for enlightenment and wants to learn or practice the Taoist art, The Big Draw (orgasm without ejaculation).

Both Tantra and Tao teach that multiple orgasms are absolutely available and indeed hugely beneficial to men. Just as women can orgasm without ejaculating, so too can men, we are less different then Western sexuality would have us believe! For men, very conditioned by the West to see sex as an act of penetration which always ends when he ejaculates, it is almost impossible to fathom the possibilities of sex without ejaculation; without experiencing the crashing effects of “La petite mort”, when after a few moments of bliss, he falls back onto the bed exhausted. When men master the technique of orgasm without ejaculating there is no depletion, no loss of energy, he can remain aroused and sexually energized for hours, days, even months! This energy can, of course, be used for sexual pleasure, and it is also there to nourish your body for a healthy, vibrant, virile life. I have been lucky enough to be in the presence of a few men who orgasm without ejaculation and I can tell you that there is no sexual experience on earth that can match it. These are the men who make me orgasm without touching me, so strong is the energy pulsing throughout their bodies.


Lingam Massage Hampshire

Can anyone learn this art? Absolutely. Can you do it in one session with me? Probably not. I am good, but not that good! The Big Draw, when you draw the energy and ejaculate back into your body rather than releasing it, takes committed practice. You will need to develop both control of your PC muscles and consciousness in your breathing. I am honoured to teach, guide and hold you through this process at whatever stage you are at.

What distinguishes Apollo from Adonis is your intent, what you are looking for and hoping to achieve. Like Adonis, there is no expectation from me for you to perform in any way. You cannot learn anything in an environment which makes you tense and anxious, you certainly cannot become masterful at The Big Draw if your body is tense in striving to achieve something. The path to sexual mastery is relaxation, love and acceptance. I offer to hold you as you experiment with your sexual energy, I am not here to hand out grades and give you feedback on your performance!

APOLLO: Taoist Lingam Massage
60 minutes £160  or 90 minutes £210

“Oh my god…you’ve no idea…that orgasm was the most intense I’ve ever had.”

Lingam Massage Hampshire

Experience My Taoist Lingam Massage for Hampshire & Surrey

For Lingam Massage Hampshire and Lingam Massage Surrey please text or email me.  Let me help you discover what a genuine Taoist Lingam Massage is and the powerful healing potential it offers. I am happy to work with Gentlemen who visit me from all parts of Hampshire and Surrey. I am based in a lovely and discrete corner of rural Hampshire I am less than 40 minutes drive from  Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Winchester. 

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