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Erotic Tantric Girlfriend Experience

KAMA: a unique Tantric Full Girlfriend experience.

This truly is the session that every man wants!!

Far more than what most refer to as a full girlfriend experience, sex with me will take you to a whole new level.

Feel your sexual energy awaken in the presence of a woman who lives in hers. Please her and feel her pleasure gush all over your body. In keeping with my philosophy, there is no pressure to perform, only an invitation to please me. You may harbor beliefs that you need to be rock hard and last forever to feel my body convulse in orgasm but you could not be more wrong! You do not need to be anything other than who you are to experience an exciting, intimate and deeply sensual time with me. I use massage at the beginning of these sessions to move your awareness out of your mind and back to your body. Our minds have been programmed with a huge amount of unhelpful junk when it comes to human sexuality and I have found over the years that the more my clients are helped to reconnect with sensation in their bodies, the better they are able to please me and experience pleasure themselves. Your body knows how to touch me. Your mind almost certainly doesn’t!

KAMA Experience

Girlfriend Experience Hampshire

It is my calling to re-awaken divine sexuality in men. Divine men are loving, strong, kind, caring, compassionate, wise and actually really sexy. Divinity is not the gift of a lucky few, it is the birthright of every man. Your divine masculine, your god, is within you; waiting to be seen and expressed. My goddess has awakened and she is waiting to guide you on this journey, initiate you into your god, to please you and be pleased by you. A sexual encounter with me is a deeply pleasurable physical experience, and it transcends the merely physical. I share my sexuality with you to awaken you, to initiate you into a new level of being so that you can truly experience your divine self. Becoming aware of your sexual energy and learning how to use it consciously makes a man a masterful lover. Where better to learn than in the bed of a woman who is, herself, a masterful lover. Often clients tell me that they have a battle not to say, “I love you” during our sessions, I always tell them, “You are speaking to yourself, not me, to a part of you that has been buried for years, decades or a lifetime”. That is the power of re-connection and that is what I offer in these unique, intimate and exciting sessions.

KAMA – The ultimate Tantric Full Girlfriend Experience
60 minutes £270  or 90 minutes £340

Outcall/longer sessions available, please contact me for details.

KAMA Experience – Testimonials

“Sensational! I am still tingling and re-living our shared excitement, my fingers smell deliciously of you!! I would love to come again and will be in touch.”

“I still feel so much in dreamland. Thank you again for such a loving and caring moment.”

“I keep replaying in my mind last Friday afternoon – such a beautiful experience – an intoxicating mix of the sensual and the carnal!”

“I am so looking forward to seeing you again on Friday for what I think is the hottest girlfriend on the planet experience!”

“I feel like a King who has just made love to his Queen!”

Girlfriend Experince Hampshire

Full-Service Girl Friend Experience Hampshire & Surrey

For Full Girlfriend Experience Hampshire or Full Girlfriend Experience Surrey please text or email me.  Let me help you discover what a genuine Tantric Girlfriend Experience really is and the powerful healing potential it offers. I am happy to work with Gentlemen who visit me from all parts of Hampshire and Surrey. I am based in a lovely and discrete corner of rural Hampshire I am less than 40 minutes drive from  Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Winchester. 

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