MUSUBI: Deeply intimate Body to Body Tantric Massage Experience

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My Unique Tantric Massage with a Nuru Twist

MUSUBI: My take on the best bits of NURU Massage

NURU Massage Hampshire – NURU Massage Surrey

Experience My MUSUBI Tantric Massage

Nuru massage is given with a warm slippery gel which encourages sensational body to body gliding. I have taken all the best bits of Nuru to create this unique Tantric massage experience. For me, it’s always about the bodies and finding what best facilitates a deeply sensual and transformative Tantric experience. I have dispensed with the Nuru gel which cools too quickly leaving our bodies sticky and cold, preferring to use the luxurious coconut oil that I use in all of my massages. But I have kept the body to body elements – because they are a sensual delight! Musubi is the Tantric Massage to choose if you yearn for an extended period of intimate body to body contact.

I am honoured to offer my Nuru Tantric Massage from my own home where I can create a sensual and reverent atmosphere. From the moment you arrive, you will feel the difference. I massage your full body with my naked body before spending an extended period of time massaging your lingam moving the sexual energy around your relaxed body. I use my entire body and energy to arouse you, to honour you and to worship you. There is no rush to orgasm, when that does occur it is wonderful, however, the main aim of the massage is to awaken within you a deeper level of sexual energy. There is absolutely no pressure to perform; the whole idea of the massage is for me to follow your body’s energy. Men who have received this kind of massage talk of being led into a trance-like state and feeling connected with their true sexual nature, sometimes for the first time ever.

MUSUBI: Tantric Nuru Massage Experience
60 minutes £160  or 90 minutes £210

My MUSUBI Massage Experience Testimonials

“Looking forward to seeing you again for more of your wonderful passionate treatment.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness xxx”

“Anabelle, I can’t believe how wonderful today was. Thank you very much.”

“Anabelle, thank you, you are an angel – a very, very sexy angel.”

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