Naturist Sensual Tantric Massage Hampshire

Genuine Tantric Massage in Surrey

Erotic Tantric Massage Surrey

An Indulgent, Sensual Tantric Massage to energise your body

Tantric Massage Hampshire.

Not just an Erotic Massage but many doors to Sexual Healing, Empowerment and Enlightenment.


Why Tantra?

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet. It is, after all, the energy of creation! And we ALL carry it within our bodies. Too many of us keep this incredible energy locked away, behind layers of social conditioning and mindless, disconnected, numb sex (whether with ourselves or others). We are a sex-obsessed society; it seems to me that we are all constantly seeking something……. something more fulfilling, more rewarding, more satisfying. We have a deep soul-level yearning within us. A desire for re-awakening. Our hunger for something deeper leads us into many unhealthy and toxic situations and yet the search goes on, until, I believe, we find Tantra.

Tantra is the ancient art of unlocking your sexual (Kundalini) energy and freeing it to move around your body. Someone who has stepped into their sexual energy is literally magnetic, other people find themselves drawn to them. It makes you feel great, makes you look great and what any man or woman who has just learnt the foundational principles of Tantra can tell you, is that it makes you a far better lover! Tantra gives you confidence in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom. Tantra helps you to claim back the sexy, juicy, vibrant essence that is your birthright.

Why Tantra with Anabelle?

I am uniquely placed to initiate you into a deeper, more profound, more intimate and loving relationship with your sexuality and your body because I am a sex worker who physically embodies the essence of Tantra.

What I offer is something that goes way beyond a nice massage with a “happy ending”. I answer the calling from people who are seeking something deeper; a reconnection with their bodies and their spirit through sex. I believe that sex is the greatest healer, the greatest vehicle for transformation on the planet and I am honoured to use my sexual energy to transform and heal. I reconnect your body and your sexual energy using my body and my sexual energy. I hold you, make love to you, move energy around you until you truly feel, in the words of a recent client, “Like a King.”

I am honoured to offer three distinct Tantric massages: Adonis, Apollo and Aphrodite; and Kama, my unique Tantric Girlfriend Experience. I look forward to meeting you and experiencing your joy as you reconnect with your divine sexual energy. Namaste.

KAMA – Tantric Girlfriend Experience
60 or 90 Minute Sessions

My ultimate Girlfriend Experience in Hampshire & Surrey – Click Image for more details


ADONIS – Tantric Lingam Massage Experience
60 or 90 Minute Sessions

Ending in ejaculatory orgasm – Click Image for more details


APOLLO – Taoist Lingam Massage Experience
60 or 90 Minute Sessions

Ending in non-ejaculatory orgasm – Click Image for more details

APHRODITE – Tantric Yoni Massage Experience
60 or 90 Minute Sessions

For Women – Click image for more details


“Wow! I have had quite a few tantric massages and that was the very best I have ever had.”

“Tantra does indeed help…you have some very special skills.”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful session. I was in such ecstasy when you were massaging my anus.”

“Wow…That was intense! I feel it all over my body. I can’t really describe it. I am not sure what you did, but, wow….. I feel amazing.”

A Deep Spiritual Tantric Massage Hampshire

The Ultimate Tantric Massage Experience

For Tantric Massage Hampshire and Tantra Massage Surrey please text or email me.  Let me help you discover what a genuine Tantric Massage is and the powerful healing potential it offers. I am happy to work with Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples who visit me from all parts of Hampshire and Surrey. I am based in a lovely and discrete corner of rural Hampshire I am less than 40 minutes drive from  Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Winchester. 

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