Genuine Tantric Massage Experience in Hampshire

Tantra Massage Experience Surrey

Yoni Massage for Ladies - Lingam Massage for Men

A long, deep and intense Tantric experience to open your mind.

Not Just an Erotic Massage but many doors to Sexual Healing, Empowerment & Enlightenment

For Ladies & Gents Tantra has more depth to it than just sexual pleasure. Feel the rich essence of intimacy, being honoured by another & subsequent pure bliss.

A much more involved and Intense massage experience.

Yoni and Lingam Massage

Where sexuality meets spirituality.  For those looking for a more spiritually healing experience, I offer beautiful yoni and lingam massage.  This is an incredibly powerful way for you to re-connect with your sexuality. To heal and release past traumas, fears, anxieties and pain and to nourish your body with divine sexual energy.

Yoni Massage

A Blissful Journey for Women

A sexually discovered woman embodies the beauty of life and in turn attracts this beauty like a magnet. Yoni massage is a totally unrushed and intimate experience which awakens feminine sexuality and fills a woman’s life with radiant and creative vitality. It is an opportunity for a woman to go on a journey of discovery, to learn about and connect with her body, her desires and her energy. What she will discover on this journey is her femininity, new self-awareness and confidence which will have a transforming impact on her life.

Yoni massage is all about honouring the body.  We have amazing bodies! But for many of us, contact with parts or even all of our bodies is shrouded with guilt, shame, sadness, disappointment, hurt, anger and pain.  As women, we have been bombarded since childhood with messages about how we should present ourselves for other people, and in trying to meet these expectations we have gone to war on ourselves. Our bodies, especially our yonis, carry the resulting pain.   Yoni massage, with its tantric philosophy, seeks to release and heal this pain; to build a bridge between body and soul, sexuality and spirituality and to reconnect a woman with her feminine essence; to have her fall in love with herself and to nourish her entire body with healing energy.

I am honoured to be asked to give any woman yoni massage and offer the service from my own home where I can create a sensual and reverent atmosphere. I work intuitively in response to your body and your energy, so no two massages are the same, but they do follow a similar pattern. I begin by spending time silently connecting with you, building trust between my body and yours, then following a preparatory full body massage I comprehensively and lovingly massage your yoni. The massage often introduces a woman to parts of her yoni that she has ignored or been unaware of for her whole life, releasing energy which fills her body in a way she has never previously felt. It is a truly transformative experience.

Lingam Massage

A Blissful Journey Men

This is for the man who yearns for his lingam to be touched, honoured and loved. For many men, his lingam has become inextricably linked to his performance as a man; society constantly bombards us with images and words telling us what sex should be like and how he should perform.  As a result very few have ever had the opportunity to really listen to and respond to their bodies.  Lingam massage is a beautiful break from this norm. It is all about loving and selfless attention given to the lingam bringing great healing to the recipient. By introducing a man to neglected sensual areas the massage connects him to his full glorious sexual self, revering it and celebrating it!

I am honoured to offer lingam massage from my own home where I can create a sensual and reverent atmosphere.  From the moment you arrive you will feel the difference. This is not about a rush to orgasm, if that does occur it is wonderful, however the main aim of the massage is to awaken your inner, beautiful, profound sexual being. However the main aim of the massage is to awaken your inner, beautiful, profound sexual being. There is absolutely no pressure to perform; the whole idea of the massage is for me to follow your body’s energy. Men who have received this kind of massage talk of being led into a trance-like state and feeling connected with their true sexual nature, sometimes for the first time ever.

We were all born happy sexual beings, life deals us blows and almost all men have stored pain and trauma in their lingam which I release through very sensitive and intuitive massage.  No two massages are the same as no two people are the same. Every massage is a profound and life changing experience.

It is quite an unusual service, one I am very passionate about and very proud to offer. I truly believe it is one of the most powerful ways in which we can heal ourselves.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or just to talk about how it would assist you in your life.

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A Deep Spiritual Tantric Massage Hampshire

The Ultimate Tantric Massage Experience

For Tantric Massage Hampshire and Tantra Massage Surrey please text or email me.  Let me help you discover what a genuine Tantric Massage is and the powerful healing potential it offers. I am happy to work with Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples who visit me from all parts of Hampshire and Surrey. I am based in a lovely and discrete corner of rural Hampshire I am less than 40 minutes drive from  Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Winchester. 

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